Newstead House

“G’day, This story of ‘Newstead House’ in Brisbane is but one of the many historical places and events in my Chronology. I have in the following pages shown-”Fort Lytton built to safeguard Brisbane”, the story of the “Great Fire of Brisbane”, “A Ten Bench electric tram “, “Brisbane’s Iconic City Hall” and the “Queensland Cultural Centre”. These are but a glimpse of my Chronology.

(197) Captain Logan arrives to take post of Commandant of Moreton Bay Settlement (1826-1830)

March 17, 1826: Captain Patrick Logan arrived on this day in the Settlement of Moreton Bay replacing Captain Peter Bishop, who held the post for two years previously, commanding over some 2200 convicts and others.

Footnote: The Settlement of Moreton Bay was proclaimed a penal colony on August 15 in this year.

Brisbane's first Town Hall

Brisbane’s first Town Hall opened in year 1867. (a Brisbane City Council Images photo).

(9) Yr 1839: Three surveyors arrive to prepare for free settlement in Moreton Bay District. Three surveyors: Robert Dixon, James Warner and Granville Stapylton.



With the closure of the Penal Settlement of Moreton Bay, pioneer squatter of the Darling Downs, Patrick Lesley and his wife, Kate decided the knoll above Breakfast Creek as the site for their home and thus “Newstead”, a handsome red brick two-storeyed Georgian Cottage was built.

Others in turn took up residence in the following decades –years 1847-57Captain J.C. Wickham and his wife, Anna Macarthur lived there. (Wickham was Police Magistrate and later Government Resident).

The house lost its official status with the formation of the Colony of Queensland in 1859 and “Newstead” was developed into an elite and stylish house by new owners, George and Jane Harris. More than  one hundred and fifty years later “Newstead” remains as one of the few remaining early Brisbane homes preserved from the despoiling of time and development.

TRULY A WONDERFUL PLACE TO VISIT! Stroll over the lovely lush lawns and view the beautiful Brisbane River from the Bank of Breakfast Creek and picnic in the grounds.


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