Fort Lytton

Major General Sir Thomas

Makdougall Brisbane ( 1773-1860).

Born at “Brisbane House’, Largs, Ayrshire Scotland.

Governor of Colony of New South Wales 1821-1825

Distinguished career in British Army 1789-1793.

Married to Anna Maria Makdougall in year of 1819 whose surname he added to his own by ‘letters Patent’ on 14th August, 1826.

The city of Brisbane was named in his honour.


view of the wharfs of the Brisbane River year 1878. (a BCC Images photo)

Roman Catholic -. “ST. STEPHEN'S CATHEDRAL” officially opened May 17,1874. ( photo by courtesy of Fr. Denis W. Martin ).

(L6)- FIRST MASS AT ST. STEPHENS ROMAN CATHOLIC CATHEDRAL: A milestone in the growth of St. Stephens occurred on May 12th.1850. No official ceremony of blessing or opening is reported even though some histories have incorrectly stated that it was opened by Archbishop Polding. The “Moreton Bay Courier’ for Saturday 11th May, 1874 reported:The Roman Catholic Church: The fine building in Brisbane built for the service of the Roman Catholic Church is now completed so far as the masonry work is concerned and we understand that the service of the Church is to be performed for the first time in the building tomorrow. The builder, Mr. Gould, has apparently performed his task in a manner most creditable to his ability.

The whole of the stone for the Church was taken from a quarry a few miles up the Brisbane River.



The fort itself is an example of nineteenth century garrisons. It is a ‘Pentagonal Fortress’ concealed behind grassy embankments surrounded by a moat filled with water to keep out would-be intruders designed also to support controlled river mines and to bombard enemy shipping that may approach the entrance to Brisbane River.

Initially, Fort Lytton had four heavy gun positions. By the turn of the century it also boasted six gun pits and two machine-gun posts. Its main firepower were a 6-inch 5-ton breach-loading Armstrongs, called disappearing-guns, which could be raised rapidly to fire over the Fort’s ramparts and lowered below the parapet, just 20 seconds later. (photo by courtesy of Environmental Protection Agency, Queensland).

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