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G’day, I trust that this brief extract of my Chronologies of the history of my hometown of Brisbane has pleased your eye and your heart and whet your appetite for the whole journey.

Please do buy my 19th and 20th Century Chronology and join with me in a wonderful journey through time through two centuries of the many places and landmarks in Brisbane I have included in my Chronology.

There is one matter that I must rush to add in this message and that is only with the generous assistance of many people, too many to acknowledge here, that I have been able to complete and verify the accuracy of my research though the road has not been smooth as I have met with inconsistencies in many historical records and after three years of joy and despair I am confident that my Chronology is the best available records of the histories of the subject included in them.

Mine is not a “History Book”- No– I have told the stories of each piece of history so as to make your reading of them a pleasure.

Yours Sincerely,

Ray Thyer


(269) “Queensland Cultural Centre” to be Built at ‘South Bank’

River Plaza and Qld. Art Gallery at the Cultural Centre, South Bank. Brisbane ( Photo by courtesy of Mr. Robin Gibson (Architect)

Queensland Government commissions Architect –Mr. Robin Gibson to build a new State-Of-the-art Cultural Centre at South Bank, South Brisbane in 1976 to house major performing arts, a new home for the State Library, Queensland Museum and Art Gallery.

A project that would truly become a landmark building complex in the city of Brisbane and destined to take fourteen years from the beginning of site works in 1974 to completion in the year 1988.

The Queensland Cultural Centre stands on the site of one of Brisbane’s earliest theatres– The Cremorne which was opened in year 1911 and later destroyed by fire in year of 1954.

Preliminary works on the site began in 1976 and the Queensland Art Gallery—Stage 1 of the project opened in 1982.

Stage 11– The “Performing Arts Complex was opened by His Royal Highness, the Duke of Kent in 1985.

Stage 5– the 850 seat theatre -”The Playhouse” and surrounding areas were opened in September 1988.

Note: The Queensland Museum was opened in 1986 and the State Library—the last major building in the complex was opened in 1988.

City of Brisbane, Queensland. Australia by night. ( courtesy of Southbank Corporation).


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